Some of the services we offer …

  • Exhausts & Batteries
  • Tyres & Wheel Alignment
  • Cam/Timing Belt Replacements
  • Clutch & Flywheel Replacements 
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Car Air conditioning Servicing – Old R134 Gas and New R1234 Gas

Regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is in top mechanical condition and reduces the chance of mechanical breakdown

We offer our vehicle maintenance and servicing packages to the general motoring public as well as contract customers whose fleets we maintain at regular service intervals.

We offer 3 levels of maintenance for your vehicle. 

Level 1 – Oil and Oil Filter Change. 

  • Exactly what it says in the name. we will replace your oil filter and replenish your engine with dealer spec engine oil as required.

Level 2 – Minor Service 

  • Like level 1 we also change the oil & oil filter on this service but we also do the following; 
  • Replace either the Pollen or Air filter,
  • Top up all your levels including coolant, brake fluid & screen wash as required,
  • Reset your tyre pressures and give you a tyre report on how much tred you have left on them,
  • Check the strength of your antifreeze
  • Check the life of your battery,
  • Check the condition of your brake fluid to ensure there is not a substation amount of moister within your braking system, 
  • Finally, we check your air condition and inform you how your air con if performing. 

Level 3 – Major Service

  • Level 3 is everything from Level 1 & 2 and more:
  • Replace all filters including Air, Pollen and Fue Filter, 
  • Replace Spark Plugs if your vehicle requires for them to be replaced,
  • Strip, Clean, Grease & Reassemble both front and rear brakes,
  • Finally, we grease all hinges, locks and brake pipes.

We follow dealer service schedules so you can be assured your warranty will not be affected.

Should any faults be found, we will notify you of the likely cost before doing any work and should you wish to not have the work conducted, we will advise you of the fault for future reference. In addition, we will stamp your vehicle’s service book.

With trained technicians, modern diagnostic equipment and guaranteed parts and labour Cleveland Auto Services should be your first choice for all servicing and repairs.

We accept cash or credit/debit cards and can even take payment over the telephone if required.